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Voortman unifies brand under new corporate identity

Voortman unifies brand under new corporate identity

Design Data partner Voortman recently revamped its corporate identity to unify the brand across the steel construction, machinery, and processing industries.

Voortman is known for its industry-leading steel fabrication and plate processing-related products, and has been active in these industries for more than 45 years. Voortman has become a globally-known company for its market knowledge and innovations and developments in the CNC controlled steel processing machinery sector. 

This global recognition makes it more important than ever for Voortman to have a unified brand and identity. The new name, Voortman Steel Group, will unify eight companies into one trademark with a strong, robust name that is already familiar to many in the steel industry.

With the change in name, Voortman Steel Group comes with a new logo and online presence that brings a unified experience to users. All of Voortman’s websites will have the same structure and feel, and will be scalable across mobile devices, making browsing on the go much easier.

For more information about the new Voortman Steel Group and to see the new branding and web design, visit their website.

Check out their new corporate video below: