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A Look Back on 2015

A Look Back on 2015

2015 has been a big year for all of us here at Design Data and for SDS/2 as a product. Between attending industry events and tradeshows, the 2015 Users Group, and new software releases, it’s been a busy year.

In March we started spring with one of our biggest events; NASCC: The Steel Conference in Nashville. We operated two booths, one with demos of SDS/2 and one for our newly created BIM Easy Lounge. We even gave away $100 to random attendees wearing one of our SDS/2 stickers! Read more about the 2015 NASCC Conference here.

Later in the year we held our annual Users Group Conference, complete with great training opportunities, speakers, breakout sessions, Solid Steel Prizewinners, and so much more. You can learn more about this year’s Users Group on our website.

We were fortunate to attend several excellent industry events during the year and showcase all that SDS/2 has to offer for a wide variety of industries. Just a few good ones we went to this year were METALCON, The Design-Build Conference & Expo, and FABTECH.

In 2015 we made a major step to bring the detailing prowess of SDS/2 to Europe by introducing support for European structural code. You can learn all about what this means for construction at

Thank you to all our awesome partners and customers. This year would have been nothing without you!