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Bluebeam makes several Revu support videos available to users

Bluebeam makes several Revu support videos available to users

From CAD to BIM software like SDS/2, this technology can make our jobs more efficient, cost effective and collaborative. But with new powerful tools there can be a bit of a learning curve, so one of the things we do here at Design Data is hosting webinars and training so that our users can maximize their use of our software.

We upload many of these training, webinars, and tips to our YouTube channel so that they can be viewed conveniently from any device. This makes it easy for anyone using our software to get instant, demonstrable help on how to use the software or tackle a certain project they’re working on.

Design Data partner Bluebeam, recently posted a YouTube playlist full of tips and tricks for using their Bluebeam Revu software.

Bluebeam Revu tackles the issue of making project documents available to everyone, regardless of their location while still maintaining a single source of truth. The software is also able to give different levels of access to different parties based on their role in the project.

Bluebeam’s videos highlight many of the software’s features including finding markups in the document, creating PDFs, and creating curves and other shapes. If you’re a Revu user, you’ll definitely want to check out their YouTube playlist.