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We’re just over a month away from NASCC: The Steel Conference in Toronto, Ontario. The conference is scheduled for March 26-28, and Design Data will be there showing off SDS/2. We’ll also be doing a few giveaways, which you’ll definitely want to stay tuned to learn more.

But what if you can’t make it up to Canada to attend this year’s NASCC? AISC has come up with a solution for those that would like to receive PDH credits but can’t be there in person to attend the sessions. 

NASCC Live will allow you to attend more than 20 sessions that are going on during the conference. AISC has dedicated two rooms for the program that will be dedicated to these sessions, which you will be able to tune into and receive PDH credit for attending.

Learn more about AISC Live and register at AISC’s website.

You can see the full schedule of NASCC Live sessions right here, including the number of PDH credits you’ll earn for attending.