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Select 2015 NASCC Sessions Will be Available Online

Select 2015 NASCC Sessions Will be Available Online

There are many great reasons to attend NASCC: The Steel Conference in Nashville this year. (Here are eight great reasons from Modern Steel). 

But if you can’t make it to the conference this year, you can still catch some of the sessions online.  

"Streaming sessions proved to be very popular last year and more than 600 people participated," Scott Melnick, vice president at AISC, says in a Modern Steel article. (Italics) 

From Wednesday to Friday, virtual attendees can view 12 of an available 24 sessions. 

"It's a very economical option and gives you a good taste of the sessions at the conference,” Melnick says. “Not only do you save on travel and hotel costs, but it only costs $225 for AISC members ($350 for nonmembers) with each additional viewer from the same company paying only $10. It's not as good as being at the conference, but it's the next best thing."

The streaming sessions cover a variety of topics, and the list of streaming sessions can be found in the Modern Steel article. (Italics, link)

You can register for the online sessions on AISC's website.