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Design Data Sees Innovation at Hexagon 2012

Design Data Sees Innovation at Hexagon 2012

The Design Data team is at Hexagon 2012 in Las Vegas this week! The conference, which began June 4 and runs through June 7, is split into four tracks: Geosystems; Metrology; Security, Government & Infrastructure; and Process, Power & Marine.

Our team was able to share the demo model with booth neighbors Samahnzi Simulation and Training, who imported it using 3D Pact to render the model. 3D Pact renders models to provide a simulated, life-like environment in which employees can be virtually trained. For example, an employee may use this technology to train for work on a marine oilrig before he or she is actually on site. 

Another innovation found at Hexagon is a large-scale touchscreen monitor that allows users to view, mark up, and organize files. As this technology becomes more affordable in the future, this technology could have big applications in the industry. A detailer or project manager could use it to view models, various drawings, RFIs, and more, as well as interactively manage the information.

Hexagon isn’t over yet, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for more updates!