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Controlled Automation, and AceCad at 2014 NASCC

Controlled Automation, and AceCad at 2014 NASCC

The 2014 NASCC: The Steel Conference is just one week out, and we are so excited to get to Toronto and meet with our friends, partners, and new contacts!

We’ve been highlighting some of the things our partners have planned for the conference, including AISC’s NASCC LIVE, which will allow those who can’t attend the conference to tune in from anywhere.

And don’t forget all the great stuff FabSuite has going on, including a chance for free entry into the exhibit hall.

We want to mention a few more of our partners’ activities at the conference before we pack our bags next week.

AceCad is one of the sponsor’s of this year’s NASCC, so you’ll want to make sure you check out what they have planned. They’ll be showcasing StruM.I.S – Management Information System for Steel Fabricators at booth #1611, so be sure to stop by and check it out. Head over to their site to learn more.

Our partner Controlled Automation will be displaying the Revolution thermal processing machine at the conference. Head to booth #1932 to see marking & scribing, cutting, coping, and processing on all sides of material. See the features that you can only get from Controlled Automation at their booth. Learn more about their involvement at NASCC in their newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you all at NASCC in just one week!