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AceCad’s StruM.I.S takes integration to the next level

AceCad’s StruM.I.S takes integration to the next level

Design Data partner AceCad recently highlighted a few of the benefits of their software product, StruM.I.S. 

StruM.I.S is a steel fabrication management information production software that is ideal fro engineering and fabrication companies who are looking to manage their business more effectively. 

The software harnesses work processes through a steelwork contract between departments, suppliers and clients. 

Many workflows start with the 3D model, so integration is a key feature to StruM.I.S. The software integrates via a standard file format that is compatible with all leading 3D detailing systems and BIM authoring systems, such as SDS/2. 

This means that you can easily import model data to and from StruM.I.S to SDS/2 and vice versa. This tight integration of different BIM software makes complicated tasks fast and easy, minimizes risk of error and better integrates the engineering and estimating parts of the process.

In practice, this setup has the ability to integrate with CNC machinery such as those offered by our partners Controlled Automation, Voortman, and Peddinghaus.

Read the full write-up and see a video demo of the software in action over at AceCad’s website.