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SidePlate Systems’ business booms in last three years

SidePlate Systems’ business booms in last three years

Design Data partner SidePlate is reporting some of its most impressive numbers in its history. In the last 36 months, SidePlate has doubled its employee base in order to meet the growing demands for its consulting and project-management services.

SidePlate Systems develops several high-performance steel frame connection technologies, all of which are designed to protect against blasts, progressive collapse, and earthquakes. SidePlate does this while decreasing construction time, lowering costs, exceeding building code requirements and helping to preserve the environment.

Since its founding in 1995, SidePlate has seen a consistent increase in demand for its services and connection products. 

“In the last three years, the demand for SidePlate’s connection technologies and consulting services has exceeded our most ambitious goals,” said Henry Gallart, SidePlate’s president. “We’re honored to serve an expanding roster of clients in the construction industry, as our efforts are ultimately in service of the people who live and work in buildings that we’ve helped to make safer and more affordable.”

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