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Referral Bonus Offered to SDS/2 Customers

Referral Bonus Offered to SDS/2 Customers

Design Data recognizes that our customers are our most valuable asset. As we launch SDS/2 Connect, we want to work together with our customers to spread the word about SDS/2 Connect among the engineering community. To help reach that goal, Design Data is sharing the opportunity to profit from SDS/2 Connect with all our customers. Together we can make a difference in driving projects downstream to SDS/2 detailers and fabricators.

On your upcoming projects, encourage engineers using Revit Structure to buy the SDS/2 Connect add-in and we'll send you our thanks—in the form of $250. More importantly than the financial benefit, SDS/2 Connect will provide engineers with a direct API format to transfer their models to the detailer AND the ability to roundtrip detailing changes back to the engineer's model.

Remember, with SDS/2 Connect's incredible round-tripping capabilities, even if the engineer leaves the connection design to you, everyone will benefit from the round-tripping of the model. The Revit Structure model will be more accurate and the connections that are designed by the detailer become visible in Revit Structure with the SDS/2 Connect Add-in.

To earn your referral bonus, the engineer must enter your name as a referral during the purchase process on Customers will earn $250 per company that the customer refers. The name on the referral cannot be the same as the person or company purchasing SDS/2 Connect—in other words, you can't refer yourself.

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