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Revamped IN Features Partner Presentations, Roundtable Discussions

Revamped IN Features Partner Presentations, Roundtable Discussions

Design Data will host the fourth Interoperability Network (IN) on September 21, 2011, at The Cornhusker in Lincoln, Nebraska. The objective of this development-driven forum is to create and discuss interoperability and new ideas between software developers. The event — held the day prior to the annual SDS/2 Users Group Conference — is designed to bring together major players in the structural steel software industry.

IN facilitates discussions between software development companies and their users, with the goal of achieving improved interoperability between software systems. Users will get the opportunity to see firsthand how different software works together, and to provide input that will help shape future software development for the steel industry. Detailers, fabricators, engineers, erectors and general contractors will all be in attendance.

Partner Presentations, Cocktail Reception Provide Additional Development, Networking Opportunities
To further promote the exchange of ideas and to enhance development, IN will feature new partner presentations with roundtable discussions. These separate sessions will give IN partners the chance to further engage conference attendees in a separate setting, while giving attendees an opportunity to influence development in a structured environment.

These 30-minute breakout presentations in rooms adjacent to the IN forum will include a 15-minute presentation to showcase partner software and interoperability with SDS/2. A 15-minute roundtable Q&A will conclude each session. Peddinghaus, FabTrol and StruM.I.S are among those partnering companies who will have presentations.

After the conclusion of IN, participants and partners are invited to enjoy drinks and hors d'oeuvres together in the atrium.

Registration Open Soon!
Registration for attending the Interoperability Network will be open at the end of July. There is no cost to attend IN.