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Design Data Launches SDS/2 NEW Testing Program

Design Data Launches SDS/2 NEW Testing Program

To better educate our customers and ensure our new products and features are both intuitive and innovative, Design Data is introducing SDS/2 NEW. The SDS/2 NEW testing program is designed to enable our customers to play a deeper role in shaping product development by testing cutting-edge features before they hit the market.

Throughout the year, we'll release a short list of specific features that have been tested internally for stability purposes, but need real-world testing. You'll be asked to implement these features on a real project and report to Design Data on functionality and usability. Design Data will provide any necessary plugins, files, releases, training, etc., that will be necessary for testing purposes.

For the first round of testing, the features and products that will be included are:

  • Total station point integration with Get the Point software
  • Autodesk Revit and SDS/2 Connect interoperability
  • Cranes
  • XML/CNC download
  • Galvanizing tool

In return for playing such a pivotal role in ensuring the success of SDS/2, companies that participate in the SDS/2 NEW program will receive (for each specific testing case): a choice of $1,500 in Steelbucks or a one-year paid subscription of an SDS/2 software product (excluding SDS/2 Detailing); one paid admission to the SDS/2 Users Group Conference; and a case study or white paper, published by Design Data, featuring your company.

To participate in this new program, contact Stephanie Haith at Design Data to volunteer. By contacting Design Data, you'll get on the list of potential testers, but there are no guarantees that you will be chosen. Design Data will conduct a short series of questions to ensure each company meets the requirements for testing a particular product or feature.