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Tech Tip: Selection Lists

Tech Tip: Selection Lists

Selection lists save time by allowing users to make and save selections based on selection of members, group members, or material in either the model or in selection windows.

To save a selection list from the model, simply select what is to be saved, then go to the Edit pull down and choose Save Selection….  If only members are selected, a dialog window will immediately open, prompting the user to choose the location and file name of the list to be saved. This file will be saved as a list of member numbers and piecemarks, if already assigned. If members and materials are selected, SDS/2 will prompt which is to be saved after choosing Save Selection…. Selecting members will give similar results if only members were selected, but selecting material will result in a selection list storing material piecemarks only. Selection lists can also be saved from a selection window by clicking Save on the right side. The selection list will save exactly what is selected in the selection window, whether that is member piecemarks, member numbers and piecemarks, or submaterial piecemarks.

Once a selection list has been saved, it can be loaded in the model by choosing the Edit pull down and then Load Selection…. A dialog window will open to choose which selection list is to be loaded. SDS/2 will then prompt if members, group members, or materials are to be selected. Whichever item is chosen will then be added to the selection in the model. To load a selection list from a selection window, simply click Load on the right side of the window, and then choose the selection list to be loaded. SDS/2 will add the items from the chosen list to the selection in the window.

To learn more, please attend the April 23rd Selection Lists webinar. You can register by clicking here. You can also contact your SDS/2 support representative to answer any questions you may have.