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Improving Design Cost and Quality With BIMfg Models and SDS/2 v7.3

Improving Design Cost and Quality With BIMfg Models and SDS/2 v7.3

By Doug Evans, Vice President of Sales, Design Data

The creation of 3D models to design and detail a structure has been commonplace for years in the construction industry.  The uses of these overall project "BIM" models for more than communicating design intent and drawing creation continues to increase every year and on every project.  Within the manufacturing sector, the BIMfg models are helping improve the quality and cost of the design through early involvement, along with aiding in reducing timelines.

One of the more prominent trends we have seen is using the BIMfg models more in approval.  The concept of approving models over individual drawings continues to be an area many companies explore as a means to shorten project timelines.  The rules and procedures between companies on the implementation of this process vary drastically.  However, almost all agree that the work process of creating a 3D model to generate 2D output for the approval of a 3D object can be improved by simply moving toward model approvals.

The recently available SDS/2 v7.3 has features to improve model approval such as 3D notes in the model, custom properties flavors and status display options.  With the BIMfg model being viewed and utilized in the design office, fabricating facility and field, this extra model approval information is very useful throughout the project.  Information on project decisions and structure changes are stored and easily accessed later in the project, reducing wasted time.

Keep coming back for more information on how the BIMfg model is being utilized on today’s projects.