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Using SDS/2 Erector and SDS/2 Erector Plus

Using SDS/2 Erector and SDS/2 Erector Plus

By Michelle McCarthy, Strategic Sales Manager, Design Data

SDS/2 Erector is one of the newest additions to the SDS/2 Software Solutions. Designed to allow erectors and general contractors to use the detailer or fabricator's model in the native SDS/2 environment  to help better plan the construction site and process.

SDS/2 Erector can:

·         Create and print 2D site drawings, as well as add them as an overlay in the 3D model

·         Place Cranes in the model for site planning

·         Assign multiple types of lifts (modular assemblies, christmas tree picks, etc.) to cranes placed in the project

·         Generate lift calculations and reports based on member weights and crane model

·         Export Total Station points for anchor bolts, base plates and embeds

·         Send status updates from the site via SDS/2 Mobile Status

The sooner a GC can start planning their site, the better and faster the project will go up. With SDS/2 Erector, GCs and erectors can improve their service as they now have access to more accurate models than in the past. With the SDS/2 Erector Plus, the model can be attained earlier by importing the engineer's model from Revit or from other modeling products through the IFC import.

SDS/2 Erector Plus includes all abilities listed for SDS/2 Erector and also can:

·         Import IFC models to calculate lifts from models created in other packages

·         Import Revit models via the SDS/2 Connect add-in

·         Import DWFs of other equipment

·         Model in obstructions present on the job site

To learn more about SDS/2 Erector and SDS/2 Erector Plus, you can view videos on the Design Data YouTube channel. Call your sales rep at Design Data to get a free 30-day trial on this new product.