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Setup Options in SDS/2 Connect

Setup Options in SDS/2 Connect

There are many setup options within SDS/2 Connect that can be defined — and subsequently saved and loaded — based on company/project standards. While the options you choose may depend on several factors, the determining factor may be the fabricator who is fabricating the steel for a particular project. Many of the options that can be chosen depend on the fabricator’s preferences, such as whether clip angles are to be welded or bolted, angle sizes, etc. For this reason, it would be beneficial to save different setup files specific to each fabricator with whom you may work.

To save an SDS/2 Connect setup file, click the Options pulldown found in the SDS/2 Connect portion of the Add-Ins ribbon and select Setup.

Once the Setup Job or Fabricator Options window opens, go to the File pulldown and select Save or Save as…, browse to the location on the network the file is to be saved, specify a file name, and click Save. SDS/2 Connect setup files are also loaded from the Setup Job or Fabricator Options window. Simply go to the File pulldown and select Open…, browse to and select the setup file you wish to load.

Setup options are also transferred to and from SDS/2 as part of the roundtripping process. Existing SDS/2 users may already have standard options set according to fabricator preferences. Rather than setting all options manually, ask the SDS/2 user for a transfer file from their standard job and fabricator. Import this into a new Revit project, then simply save the setup file. This can then be loaded on future projects with the correct setup information.