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New and Improved Material Operations

New and Improved Material Operations

In recent releases of SDS/2, new and improved material operations have been added to make modeling miscellaneous materials more efficient. In version 7.313, Material Cut Layout was improved to allow cutting multiple materials at one time, rather than only one as was permitted in the past. Multiple Material Rotate is a tool that was added in version 7.318, which allows users to pick multiple materials to rotate them all at one time. Version 7.318 also added new functionality to parametrics to aid in creating mirrors and other copies of materials.

Material Cut Layout will work nearly identical as it did in versions prior to version 7.313. Once the command is invoked, users will be prompted to select materials to cut, once all the materials to cut are selected you must right-click and choose OK to confirm your selection or hit Enter on the keyboard. Once the selection is made, pick the layout to be cut. As an example, the picture below depicts cuts in two bent plate materials made at one time using cut layout.

Multiple Material Rotate is a new tool added in version 7.318 which allows users to pick multiple materials and rotate them simultaneously after first picking the axis to rotate the materials about. Not only does this allow users to rotate multiple materials, but satisfies a long standing request to be able to pick a point to rotate materials about. To do this, after the command is invoked, pick the material to be rotated and confirm the selection by right clicking and choosing OK or hit Enter on the keyboard. SDS/2 will now prompt for two axis points. If the same point is picked for both axis points, the material will rotate in the current working plane about that point. The picture below depicts a bent plate material that was rotated 15 degrees about the intersection of the construction lines using Multiple Material Rotate.

The new parametric functionality can be taken advantage of by downloading and using the Material Copy and Material Mirror parametrics from the parametric download page on the SDS/2 support site.

To learn more about the newly added material operations, attend the upcoming support webinar Enhancements and Tips for Modeling Material. Click here to register for this webinar.

If you have questions, please contact your SDS/2 support representative.