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Multiple Configurations for CNC Downloads

Multiple Configurations for CNC Downloads

Downloading CNC with multiple configurations selected allows the user to select a member(s) and download each submaterial type to different CNC machines. Each configuration file that is downloaded will be separated into different folders when downloaded.

Example: Column C1 has a wide flange main material; there is a base plate and clip angles attached. Wide flange material will be downloaded using DSTV, plates will be downloaded using DXF Plate, and angles will be downloaded using Peddinghaus Angle Line.

First the user can edit these configurations and set the material type to be downloaded with the specific configuration (see image at right). At this time, the user will also want to check the option “Include attached submaterial in member download”; this will allow the user to select the Member piecemark and get all the included submaterial. Next, the user will select the configurations needed to download the files.

In the “Current CNC configuration” screen, activated by the browse button, the user can select the three configurations by holding the Cntrl key.  Finally, the user will press the “Download” button. In the “Select Piecemarks” screen, the user will select C1 using “Details” as the “Select” list. Once the files are downloaded to the specified location, they will be separated into subfolders for the different configurations that were selected.