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Tech Tip: SDS/2 2015 Bill of Material

Tech Tip: SDS/2 2015 Bill of Material

SDS/2 2015 offers much more flexibility for the layout and appearance of the bill of material (BOM) than in previous versions of SDS/2.

You can now use different BOM layouts on each drawing, as well as add a BOM to any drawing type (in previous versions, a BOM could only be added to Sheet Outlines).

You can also move a BOM as one entity by clicking and dragging, or by selecting and using the Move/Stretch command.

Set the default appearance of a BOM when placed on a drawing in Job or Fabricator Options > Drawing Cosmetics under the Bill of Material tab. Options, as shown in Figure 1, include Rotation, Inside pen color, Outside pen color, Maximum spacing between items, Minimum number of rows, and Maximum number of rows.

Once you have placed a BOM on a drawing, the default appearance can be changed by double-clicking it. As shown in figure 2, the same options as seen in Drawing Cosmetics are available under the Appearance tab.

Changing the appearance of the BOM here will only affect it on this drawing.