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SDS/2's Detailing Template Customization Service

SDS/2's Detailing Template Customization Service

SDS/2 is now offering detailing template customization services to its users.

Detailing templates are files that can be modified to match specific standards in a detailing office. SDS/2 then uses those to help automatically generate detail drawings. These are different from the SDS/2 system details, which are not customizable.

This service, which can be purchased by any SDS/2 user, allows detail drawings to be customized to their detailing and fabrication standards. This is done by modifying detailing template files that will provide dimensions, labels, etc., to match their standards.

The detailing template customization service can be be purchased by member type, and the files will be maintained by SDS/2 through future releases.

To learn more about this service, including the specific benefits and what is required to use the service, contact SDS/2 sales or click here.