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Earn Scholarship Opportunities With SDS/2

Earn Scholarship Opportunities With SDS/2

The need for detailers with SDS/2 experience and knowledge continues to grow, and Northcentral Technical College (NTC) and Design Data have partnered to provide the training necessary to excel in this high-demand profession.

As part of this program, Design Data is offering scholarship opportunities of up to $1,000 to our customers who complete a class through NTC's Structural Steel Detailing program and purchase a new license of SDS/2. To learn more about the scholarship program, contact Amanda Kunze at

Several SDS/2 customers have already participated in the program; you can learn more about how the NTC program has benefited their companies here.


Cost: The estimated total price for this program, based on the 15-16 tuition rates, is $3,955 for the entire program. This does not include the cost of books (which will cost approximately $520).

Format: In Virtual College all courses are fully online and have flexible starts and flexible deadlines. This means students can begin the courses anytime within the first 10 weeks of the spring and fall semesters. Within the courses, deadlines are set by the student. The online flexibility of our courses is a great benefit to business professionals, especially those who have employees in different time zones or unpredictable work schedules.

There are only two deadlines that are set by the school. These deadlines are: 1) The Plan for Completion assignment must be completed within the first 10% of the course. If this is not done, the student will receive a No Show (NS) grade and will be dropped from the course but still responsible for the fees. 2) All course work must be completed by the final day of the semester.

Software: Design Data will provide the hasp for students to use the SDS/2 software during this course. See the computer requirements you need to run this software here.

Single Courses: If you only need employees to complete a portion of the program and you and the student are not looking to earn the entire technical diploma, we do have an option to take the course a-la-carte. Please contact NTC to find out about single courses and how to get enrolled.

Enrollment steps: NTC has a new session of some courses beginning January 26, 2017. The full program will also start again in August 2017. It is easy to get your employees signed up for Virtual College and started in this program. They do not require admissions testing for individuals who are already working in the industry, and in many cases can take an application and have the learner accepted in the next 3-5 business days. It is easiest to get the process started by having your employees fill out the Application for Admission on the NTC website. If you have a group of people you would like to sign up for the program, please have them apply and then have a company representative contact NTC to help you get them all enrolled at the same time.

Credit for Prior Learning: Please keep in mind that NTC offers credit for prior learning for any and all of these courses if students have transcripts from another school or feel they have the work/life experience to meet all the competencies. Please visit the Credit for Prior Learning page of the NTC website for more details.