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AISC hosting Bracing Connections Webinar Series

AISC hosting Bracing Connections Webinar Series

A four-part webinar series, "Bracing Connections and Related Topics," will be available next week for those interested in the steel industry. This AISC series "is full of design examples that demonstrate how to distribute forces to connection components and check for applicable limit states," the webinar website says

The series runs every Thursday from August 13- September 10, with the exception of August 27. 

August 13 - Session 1: Basic Principles

August 20 - Session 2: The Uniform Force Method

September 3 - Session 3: Bracing Connection Details and Prying Action

September 10 - Session 4: Vertical Bracing Corner Connections

Each session will have a 1.5-hour running time and will take place at 12:30 p.m. CDT. There is special pricing for those that buy all four webinars at once, but single event registration is also available.

Be sure to review the PDFs you receive of the presentation after registering so you’re up to speed when you begin each webinar.

Registration is only available online. Take care of your registration today at