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Industry Roundup: August 7

Industry Roundup: August 7

This week’s news resources:

An offshore wind farm near Rhode Island will power 17,000 homes by 2016. The steel foundation that reaches the ocean floor is known as the “first steel in the water.” Learn more in an Associated Press article. 

American Galvanizers Association case study videos on hot-dip galvanizing are now available. The case studies highlight the success of hot-dip galvanization projects that have been completed for at least 10 years. Learn more in Modern Steel.  

Construction workers in Long Island, New York, shared some kind words with children at the neighboring Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. “Get well soon,” was spray-painted onto steel beams easily seen at the hospital. Read more on  

A skyscraper in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City is set to be the tallest building in the country. The tower, The Vincom Landmark 81, will be composed of 25 rectangular tubes rising out of the ground. Read more in an article in Building Design+Construction magazine.  

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A four-part webinar series, “Bracing Connections and Related Topics,” will be available next week for those interested in the steel industry. Learn more in our previous blog