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Top 10 little known drawing editor tools

Top 10 little known drawing editor tools

The 2015 Users Group Conference was filled with two days of breakout sessions that covered a variety of topics. From modeling techniques to reporting, beginning level to expert, conference goers had many options to learn about SDS/2 and the steel industry. 

Ryan Vanek, a 14-year Design Data employee, shared his top 10 little known Drawing Editor tools in one of the breakout sessions:

1. Material callout

Can be added to material, bolts and holes.

2. Viewports and images

Viewports can be used to split very large drawings.

3. Workpoints

Multiple workpoints can be used in one drawing.

4. Archive drawing

Creates an exact copy of your current member detail, submaterial detail, or 2D erection view.

5. Detail current piecemark

Update a drawing while you’re in a drawing.

6. Sections views

Can be cut on member details, submaterial details and erection views. 

7. v2015 BOM

BOM is now one item; no more deleting by adding a BOM with zero lines. 

8. Drawing options and save detail settings

Drawing options let you override setup for each individual member or submaterial drawing.

9. Search and replace

Operates in your current drawing on all labels, dimensions and weld symbols. 

10. Erection views

When using labels in Erection View you should: hold the control key to rotate; shift and right click to grab

Find Vanek's presentation in the Track 1 column of this page

Steel industry professionals from around the country came to Lincoln, Nebraska, for the 2015 Users Group Conference. Check out our photo album from this year’s conference on Facebook