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Joint Statement: Supporting the Workflow Between SDS/2 and FabSuite

Joint Statement: Supporting the Workflow Between SDS/2 and FabSuite

As you may know, Trimble recently acquired North America's leading supplier of Management Information Systems for Steel Fabricators: FabSuite.

FabSuite and SDS/2 have enjoyed a good relationship over the years. Many of our common customers take advantage of the integration that has been developed between the two systems for a productive and efficient workflow.

Both SDS/2 and Trimble are committed to supporting open workflows going forward.

Chris Moor, former COO of FabSuite and now responsible for the FabSuite business in Trimble, stated that "both companies believe in open strategies that optimize the customer's processes and both are committed to continuously improve the workflows from engineering and detailing through to steel fabrication management."

Damon Scaggs, President of SDS/2, added, "As a company, we've always strived to further our interoperability with our industry partners to the benefit of our customers. As we maintain that path with FabSuite, we will continue to ensure our customers have the flexibility to work with all MIS software companies."

About the SDS/2-FabSuite Workflow
The data exports used from SDS/2 are standard output files, used by other systems in the supply chain as well as FabSuite. FabSuite is able to extract the data needed to help steel fabricators manage their shop.

In addition, both Trimble and SDS/2 are involved in driving an IFC export specifically for steel fabrication. This is a dedicated format specified and developed by the AISC in conjunction with buildingSMART International. It contains all the data needed from a model to move into fabrication and is already available as an export in both Tekla Structures and SDS/2, meaning that the same data from both systems imports into FabSuite and can be used in the same way.

For further information on the above, don't hesitate to contact:
Trimble/FabSuite: Chris Moor, 813.480.7017;
SDS/2/Nemetschek: Damon Scaggs, 402.441.4000;