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Schedule for SDS/2 v7.3 Seminars Announced

Schedule for SDS/2 v7.3 Seminars Announced

They're back! For the past 12 years, Design Data has been conducting new release seminars to give users productive insights into new and improved features. Once again, we are hosting live seminars around the country to introduce users to SDS/2 v7.3.

Who Should Attend?
The SDS/2 v7.3 seminars are open to anyone who wants to learn more about the software. The cost for the one-day seminar is $25 per person for the first five attendees for each company (there is no charge for additional attendees beyond the first five).

What Will I Learn?
The seminars will cover many enhancements made to v7.3, as well as tools added late in the v7.2 lifespan that users may not be aware of. Specific topics that will be covered include rebranding, model notes, 2D reference drawings in 3D, and 2D tools such as material callout, point locators, galvanizing features, fonts, and save and load list.

When and Where Are the Seminars?
The SDS/2 v7.3 seminars take place in January and February 2013. For the complete seminar schedule, click here.

Why Should I Attend?
The wide-ranging depth of SDS/2 may mean some users are not using the software to its full potential. These seminars will show users new features, and new ways to increase productivity with SDS/2.

How Can I Register?
Online registration will be open soon! Check your email inbox for updates.