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Stuart Broome, CEO of SDS2

Broome Recognized as Top 10 CEO of 2020

Industry Era magazine recently released its special edition featuring the most successful CEOs of 2020. We’re pleased to note that SDS2 CEO Stuart Broome was among the top ten. 

According to assistant editor Jennifer Stephen, finalists were selected based on their leadership and strategic impact, such as leading short- and long-term strategy, implementing a mission and vision, and navigating market risks and opportunities, among others. 

Since taking up his title in late 2019, Broome has excelled in many of these areas. He has led SDS2 towards a unified vision and major rebranding effort, maintained growth while negotiating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and forged plans for global expansion beginning in 2021.  

Innovation, Collaboration, and Reliability are the three core values responsible for driving growth and securing the long-term success of SDS2…They are also applicable descriptors of the CEO, Stuart Broome himself. As a company leader, he is forward-thinking, innovative and always has his eyes on worldwide market trends that will affect both SDS2 and the end-users. - Industry Era Magazine

Of course, Broome would never take sole credit for any of these accomplishments. As noted in the article, “He believes in surrounding himself with the most talented individuals to support the mission of SDS2, and he inspires greater collaboration among all employees.” 

As our teams continue to align under his leadership, we’re looking forward to greater opportunities for innovation and growth. 

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About SDS2

SDS2 is a leading provider of 3D steel detailing software and other solutions that support the structural steel industry from concept to construction. Our solutions leverage proprietary, AI-powered steel connection design to optimize projects for fabrication and construction efficiency and accelerate projects workflows from concept to completion. Learn more at 

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