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A TSF Structures Case Study
Fabricator Cuts Detailing Time by Over 60%

The Challenge

Steel detailers spend a great deal of time cleaning up drawings that do not match specific detailing and fabrication standards out of the box. This leads to decreased efficiency and increased cost for detailing a project.

The Solution

SDS/2's detailing templates customization service creates customized files specific to individual standards. These templates are used to help intelligently automate the generation of detail drawings. 

SDS/2 Advantages

Customized detailing templates reduce the time spent on cleaning up drawings, lowering project costs while increasing efficiencies and accuracy and improving a company's bottom line. 

The details on customized templates

Detailing software packages come pre-loaded with templates used to aid in the production of shop drawings. Because of the unique requirements for each fabricator, detailers are often forced to perform repetitive drawing cleanup to produce fabricator-approved deliverables. 

SDS/2's Detailing Templates customization service takes pre-loaded templates one step further, allowing users to apply templates that are specific to their detailing or fabrication standards. 

For TSF Structures, Inc. — a supplier of structural steel, joists, deck, Division 5 and miscellaneous metals for the construction industry in Iowa and surrounding states —the range of member types requiring drawing cleanup called for a customized solution.


Gates, guard rails, and everything in between

TSF Structures details and fabricates a range of members beyond standard beams and columns. What originally was a time-consuming and cumbersome process to generate detail drawings for multiple member types morphed into an opportunity to save drawing time and, subsequently, detailing costs.

SDS/2 developed customized templates for beams, columns, embed angles, embed plates, gates, gate posts, guard rails, railing, roof frames, sloping rails, and stairs specific to TSF Structures’ specifications. Within each member type, variant template files were sometimes required — including dozens each for beams and columns alone.


Creating a customized solution

To develop detailing templates that match the exact requirements of TSF Structures, the company provided finalized detail drawings that accurately represent their desired details. The provided drawings served as the end goal for the detailing templates.

In addition, TSF Structures also submitted a previously completed SDS/2 job to provide a look into the real-world environment in which they detail and model projects.

This provided a twofold benefit: it showed the SDS/2 development team the overall methodology of their current drawing production; and it presented a platform the development team could use to test the templates as they were being written.

This flow of information was critical to ensuring the highest level of accuracy in the final product.


The bottom line

Since implementing SDS/2 customized detailing templates, TSF Structures has realized substantial savings in the time it takes to detail their drawings.

They save more than 50 percent in nearly every member type, and have cut their time to detail beams, embed angles, embed plates, gates, gate posts, railings, roof frames, and sloping rails by more than two thirds.

Overall, TSF Structures is saving more than 60 percent on cleanup time using their custom detailing templates.

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