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SDS2 New Logo

Evolving the SDS2 Identity

SDS2 is excited to unveil a new logo and brand identity, which brings our look as a company into alignment with our vision for the future. 

Under the leadership of CEO Stuart Broome, we have a new mission to set the standard of excellence for software solutions in the structural steel industry with absolute reliability, customer-driven innovation, and collaboration. 



Simplified and Accessible: The SDS2 Name and Product Lineup

One change you may already have noticed is the removal of the “/” from our name, which reflects our recent focus to simplify and unify our brand. Similarly, as we work to increase our transparency, consistency, and accessibility, we’ve also updated some of our product names. Here’s a quick rundown of our lineup: 

SDS2 Detailing 
Your complete 3D steel detailing solution with automated steel connection design

SDS2 Estimodeling 
Model-based estimating software with built in connection design and optimization

SDS2 Load Planning (Formerly SDS2 Fortosi) 
3D virtual load planner to optimize loading and transport

SDS2 Site Planning (Formerly SDS2 Erector) 
3D software to manage lift plans and crane placement for erection

SDS2 Model Review (Formerly SDS2 Approval)
Model-based tool for streamlined reviews, approvals, and data sharing


Power and Innovation: The New Look

Our new logo is an evolution of our previous one, containing the familiar hexagon shape our users have come to know and trust in association with our brand. We’re still providing automation and accuracy where steel detailers and fabricators need it the most, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

What is changing are your needs, along with the heightened demands of our industry, market trends, and new technology—it’s all moving forward, and so are we.  

The hexagon shape is suggestive of the bolts commonly used in steel connection design, which has always been a foundational component of SDS2’s unique automation. 

Now we’ve added further depth to the shape to signify the full power of our proprietary design engine and the great potential of our 3D model as a project data hub from design to conception. The multifaceted cube at the center shows that while SDS2 is virtual steel solution, it’s driven by real world intelligence that’s unparalleled by any of our competitors. 

Around the center cube you’ll see additional elements that represent our three core values—innovation, collaboration, and reliability. Their orientation around the center is also indicative of our future evolution and expansion as we advance our products, move into global markets, and seek to usher in the next generation of steel detailers, fabricators, and industry leaders. 


Working Toward a Stronger Future

Our core values are already at work and many of our goals underway, as you may have seen throughout the past year. 

Our recent education initiative, for example, provides free access to the software for institutions and students—whether they are students in the traditional sense or learning through apprenticeship or on-the-job training. Along with this, we’ve also made our basic training available for free through online lessons, making it easier than ever for new detailers to get up and running towards promising careers.

We’ve been expanding our partnership program, creating seamless integrations between SDS2 and companies across the industry that provide software, propriety connections, CNC machinery, and more, so you can make the most out of your model data and streamline operations.  

SDS2 Load Planning—a 3D solution that is entirely new to the industry—is also taking off around the world, giving fabricators a new competitive advantage when it comes to streamlining their steel loading, packaging, and shipping processes. 

And of course, SDS2 Detailing, our flagship product, is continually improving, with more detailing and reporting tools, more connections, and streamlined workflows. Our upcoming 2021 release is taking a major step forward in accessibility and intuitive interface design, helping veteran users work even faster and making it easier for new users to learn the software. 

There is much more growth and advancement to come, in these and other areas. Our new look and brand mark the beginning of a renewed commitment to excellence and innovation, and we hope you’ll join us—let’s build a stronger future together. 

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