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Partner Spotlight: Optimize Your Shop in Real Time with SDS2 and Steel Projects

To help you get the most out of your model data and time, SDS2 is building partnerships with steel industry leaders from around the world. 

Here we are highlighting Steel Projects, a software partner that specializes in real-time shop management, optimizing the link between the detailing office and the shop floor. 


About Steel Projects 

As the software division of the FICEP group, the world’s leading manufacturer of CNC machines for metal fabricators. Founded in 1994, they have offices in Europe, the US, Canada, and Brazil, and customers around the globe in over 90 countries. 

Their software platform, Steel Projects PLM, turns drawings from the detailing office into a real-time, digital production management workflow that helps structural steel fabricators maximize resources, save raw materials, and track production all the way to the erection site.  


SDS2 and Steel Projects: How does the integration work?

The integration between SDS2 and Steel Projects allows you to use your SDS2 model to fuel the digital production workflow for their projects. 

A simple export and import is used to transfer a BIM-compatible IFC file between the two software programs. A single file encompasses data for the entire structure and project and preserves 3D visualization of pieces and assemblies within Steel Projects. 

From there, you can run feasibility checks, add scribing based on model data, and various other pre-production tasks to ensure smooth operations and eliminate errors on the shop floor. 

Based on your shop’s particular machine profiles—including both CNC and manual workstations—you can then set up a fabrication plan, with automated section and plate nesting tools and live inventory updates to minimize material waste. 

Real-time tracking and analysis is available throughout production, and with the Steel Projects mobile app, you can continue tracking your project through shipping and delivery. 

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