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SDS/2 Detailing Templates

SDS/2 Detailing Templates

The Nuts and Bolts of Detailing Templates

SDS/2 detailing templates come pre-loaded with preset templates used to aid in the production of detail drawings. Because of the unique requirements for each fabricator, detailers are often forced to perform repetitive drawing cleanup to get the needed result. SDS/2’s Detailing Templates Customization service takes preset templates one step further, allowing users to apply templates that are specific to their detailing or fabrication standards. For Briese Iron Works, Inc. in Rochester, Minnesota, the need to continually perform required cleanup on detail drawings for pour stops led to a customized, innovative solution.

Pour Stop Detail Drawings Present Unique Challenges

Briese Iron Works frequently uses heavily user-modified curved pour stops with shear studs placed radially in their 3D models. Because of the unique drawing challenges presented by the pour stops, the system-generated details — which included minimal dimensioning — required significant, time-consuming cleanup. The solution involved a customized detailing template that includes all the dimensions to the radial studs, bevel symbols for the cuts on each end, typical weld symbols, dimensions to locate the shear studs vertically on the pour stops, and the rolling offset.

Customizing the Process

To develop detailing templates that match the exact requirements of Briese Iron Works, the company provided finalized detail drawings that accurately represent their desired pour stop details. The provided drawings served as the end goal for the detailing templates. In addition, Briese Iron Works also submitted a previously completed SDS/2 job to provide a look into the real-world environment in which they detail and model projects. This provided a twofold benefit: it showed the SDS/2 development team the overall methodology of their current drawing production, and it presented a platform the development team could use to test the templates as they were being written. This flow of information was critical to ensuring the highest level of accuracy in the
final product.

The Success is in the Details

In the short time since Briese Iron Works has implemented their customized pour stop detailing templates, the company has realized substantial time savings and has recouped the entire cost of the customization service in less than six months.