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Techflow Engineers - Redstone Gateway

Techflow Engineers: Meeting Fabricators' Expectations

"Everything was accurately detailed using SDS/2 software, allowing the team to meet the Fabricator’s expectations and the owner’s aggressive timeline."

Project by Techflow Engineers: Redstone Gateway is a 470-acre multiuse office park development in Huntsville, Alabama. Techflow created around 1,470 shop drawings and over 160 quality erection drawings for this project. Techflow was awarded ‘building 100’ for steel detailing.

This composite structure is made up of approximately 850 tonnage of structural steel. Set in the concrete foundation, anchor bolts are used to uphold the columns transferring loads into the foundation. Structural bolts and welds are used to fasten together columns, beams, and other loose steel items.

About 1,850 embeds and weld-on items were used in this project making it obligatory to precisely model and detail the framings. Beams and stairs that are connected to precast wall panels were very well coordinated with the client to achieve a high level of accuracy during the erection of steel. 

SDS/2 Model

Techflow Engineers