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Providing the most sophisticated and complete software solutions for the steel industry requires a great deal of insight. To achieve that level of understanding, Design Data has established close working relationships with various organizations in the steel industry.

About the Company

About Design Data

Since 1981, Design Data has set the standard with its SDS/2 software. As a leader in steel industry software development for 30 years, we constantly bring new technology to the market. Not only was it the first steel software of its kind, Design Data's SDS/2 remains the standard by which all other systems are judged.

Our history of leadership and innovative features is unsurpassed by any competitor, providing a clear-cut advantage for SDS/2 users. Proof of this is found in Design Data’s involvement in the steel industry. We share a leadership position with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), working on the development of integration of models and model data with CIS/2. Also, SDS/2 was the first product to interface with automated shop equipment, design connections inside the 3D model, and interface with plant design systems, among many other features.

Design Data continues to lead the way in adapting to new technology, as evidenced by our proactive stance to make SDS/2 the leading BIM software by importing and exporting model data to and from other software products.

The future continues to provide endless possibilities for SDS/2 and the steel industry. Design Data maintains a strong vision for the direction of SDS/2 and an unyielding commitment to technological innovation.

For three decades, Design Data has diligently worked to make SDS/2 the best product on the market. By constantly updating SDS/2 with an array of new and creative solutions, Design Data remains at the forefront of innovation in the steel industry. New SDS/2 features, connections and enhancements are being developed every day.

To keep up with the rapid and continual changes in technology, Design Data relies on every resource available, from industry literature to suggestions from the SDS/2 Users Group and our 30 years of experience in leading the industry. No other software company is more responsive to customer input.


Providing the most sophisticated and complete software solutions for the steel industry requires a great deal of insight. To achieve that level of understanding, Design Data has established close working relationships with various organizations in the steel industry.

This alliance with leading and progressive companies that have long-standing traditions of excellence is beneficial in many ways. In particular, the open dialogue and an ongoing exchange of ideas with these partners has proved to be a key component as Design Data develops advanced technology to meet the challenging demands of our customers around the world.

If you're outside the United States, please contact Magnus Inc. or Steel Plus Network Inc. to purchase SDS/2.

Opportunities exist for qualified distributors in a variety of markets around the world. Design Data relies on the expertise of its distributors in their local market. We recognize their knowledge enables them to successfully represent Design Data and its product line. Our distributors are able to promote, market, train, and support our product line in their local regions. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact Design Data at distributor@sds2.com.


As the leading supplier of advanced computer software, support and training for the engineering, detailing and fabrication markets in the structural steel industry, Design Data is always searching for great talent. When the company finds a talented, free-thinking person that fits the Design Data profile, the goal is to help that person make Design Data his or her career.

Design Data respects the accomplishments of its employees. Ideas are always encouraged. Input is always welcomed. It is an environment in which every person is given the freedom to become the best he or she can be.

Growth Positions

Programmer/Analyst – Creates, plans, develops, and tests new programming code in C and C++ or modifies existing code; documents SDS/2 computer software program or other related Design Data products. Works independently, yet within a group, as part of the development team in a challenging, globally competitive and fast pace environment.

Customer Support Technician – Investigates and resolves issues encountered by users in the application of SDS/2 software on real jobs. Teaches in the classroom and assists the end user while encountering the challenges of design, engineering and fabrication of steel used in construction industry projects. Each representative applies customer service strategies as part of a team through skilled and knowledgeable communication methods to include in-person, telephone, email or fax.

Job Application Guide

If you're interested in working at Design Data, submit a cover letter and resume to careers@sds2.com. Candidates that meet our qualifications and expectations will be contacted by phone or email.

Tour Design Data

Design Data’s facility is more than a corporate building — it’s a statement about the company’s internal culture and dedication to the industry. Designed and detailed using SDS/2, this facility and its surrounding landscape are sources of pride to employees, customers and community members.

Inside and out, the architecture inspires innovation and fosters teamwork among employees while providing a unifying learning environment for customers who arrive to learn how to use SDS/2 to its fullest advantages. From cutting-edge technology to training room design, the Design Data building provides an ideal environment in which to educate today’s customers and create tomorrow’s possibilities.

Atrium - First Floor View

Atrium - Second Floor View

Atrium - Training Room View

SDS/2 Legal

Design Data continues to invest millions of dollars in software development to benefit our users. When you purchase SDS/2 and pay software support fees, you are helping us to continually enhance SDS/2. Those using pirated software are stealing the very product that you are helping us to develop. In addition, the time and money spent finding these companies and prosecuting them is not utilized on development. Essentially, these people are cheapening your investment.

Once these companies begin using their stolen versions of SDS/2, they become your competitor. They may be bidding on the same jobs and winning them because they can undercut your bid.

Not only do they de-value your investment, but more importantly, by using these vendors you might be putting yourself at legal risk. Knowingly working with vendors using illegal SDS/2 software makes you liable. It is even possible to be held liable in some cases when you are unknowingly working with vendors using stolen software.

Under Software Anti-Piracy law any person or business that knowingly uses illegal software or knowingly uses vendors using illegal software is liable. It is also possible for persons or businesses that unknowingly use illegal software or vendors using illegal software to be held liable as well, if a substantial profit is made from the use of the illegal software.

Simply put, if you know and work with a person or company that uses illegal software, you are liable, even if you don’t actually use the illegal software. Even if you don’t know the vendor you work with is running illegal software, if that software is discovered to be illegal and you have profited substantially from the project, you still have some risks.

We are aggressive in stopping this activity and are starting the SDS/2 Legal campaign to help the industry self police this crime. Protect yourself by making sure you are working with a true Design Data customer.

Design Data is implementing a customer ID system, that will allow our customers to protect themselves from liability in the use of illegal software. Each Design Data customer will be given a unique ID code. We encourage you to use this ID code on all bids, outgoing documents, and all of your SDS/2 drawings. This will provide legal proof that your company is a legal SDS/2 operator.

Customers, or anyone working with a vendor using SDS/2, can then utilize our website and enter the unique ID code using our new Certified SDS/2 User tool. With that tool, you can verify that you are working with a legal SDS/2 company. Together we can help eliminate the market for those using illegal software.

If you find that you are not working with a legal SDS/2 user, please contact Design Data and report this abuse to your Sales Representative. All reports will be kept anonymous. Reporting illegal software use protects you from liability and protects true Design Data customers.

Design Data In Education

Design Data always has an eye on the next generation of engineers, detailers and industry experts. Knowing that SDS/2 can help educate and challenge future workers and leaders in the steel industry, the company aggressively campaigns to equip institutions of higher learning with copies of SDS/2 software and access to Design Data’s full scope of training and support.

Many colleges and universities now use the SDS/2 system as part of their curriculum. With hands-on SDS/2 experience, students graduate with an edge in the competitive structural steel detailing and engineering market.

To find out more about the Design Data in Education program, contact education@sds2.com.