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Automation at your command

The best detailing solution for your steel projects.

SDS2’s powerful 3D automation can more than double your steel detailing productivity over less automated solutions, giving you the capacity to take on more projects. Detailers who switch to SDS2 report 2x faster detailing times within just a few projects. 

  • Connections are designed as you model with 360 degree real-world intelligence
  • Work together, wherever you are with live multiuser modeling
  • Accelerate your modeling time and stay connected to the BIM pipeline

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Work faster with fewer errors

No other steel detailing software can match, and it helps you get the job done faster and more accurately. 

Flexible licensing options

With SDS2, you can get to choose how to manage your license, with perpetual or subscription licensing available. 

Dedicated Training & Support

Unlimited Training & Designated Customer Support Representatives

Automate your most time-consuming tasks.

SDS2 Detailing offers the highest level of automation available in 3D steel detailing. With unparalleled connection design intelligence and high-quality drawing production, SDS2 provides innovative solutions proven to increase profitability and shorten project timelines.


Work faster with fewer errors.

SDS2 is built with real-world intelligence, with automated design features that account for not only structural integrity and constructability, but also erectability, so you know your designs will pass with the fabricator, erector, and other stakeholders. It's a next-level reality check that no other steel detailing software can match, and it helps you get the job done faster and more accurately. 

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Top automated features in SDS2

  • Connections designed as you model
  • Erectability checks and adjustments
  • Piecemarking
  • Shop drawings
  • Customizable detailing templates
  • Bill of material
  • CNC file generation

Deliver what matters to fabricators.

Whether you work for a shop or subcontract, SDS2's fabrication-optimized design options and integrations will help you meet increasingly tight deadlines and adapt to trends in automated machining and digitalization. 

  • Deliver CNC data compatible with cutting edge equipment.
  • Control your automation with fabricator preferences.
  • Piecemarks are automatically applied and updated as you model.
  • Integrate with BIM software for collaboration along the project pipeline.