Conference Schedule

Wed., Sept. 19
10:00 - 1:00

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3:15 - 4:45

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5:30 - 7:00

Conference Registration (Ballroom)

Welcome / Opening Remarks (Ballroom)

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SDS/2 Update (Ballroom)

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Business Meeting (Ballroom)

We will be electing a new vice president, so it is very important that you attend and let your voice be heard! Also, two lucky attendees will be selected to win a mystery prize. You must be present at the Users Group Business Meeting to win.

Partners Reception (Partner Pavilion)

Thursday, Sept. 20
8:00 - 9:20

9:30 - 10:00

10:10 - 10:40

11:00 - 12:20

12:20 - 1:20

1:20 - 2:10

1:40 - 2:10

2:20 - 3:40

3:50 - 5:10

6:00 - 10:00

Breakout Sessions

ABCs of Custom Properties (Room 1)
New to custom properties? Learn how to more efficiently communicate and improve the information noted on details and/or erection views by using custom properties.

Popular Trends in the Industry (Room 2)
What's new in the steel industry? What is on the horizon? Luke Faulkner will discuss the latest and greatest trends in the industry.

Tables Using Report Writer and CSV (Room 3)
This session will demonstrate how to link Report Writer or CSV files to tables on drawings, and then have those tables automatically update with the current data.

Partner Pavilion / Partner Sessions

Partner Pavilion / Partner Sessions

Breakout Sessions

SDS/2 v2018: New Features, Part 1 (Room 1)
Not able to attend the v2018 Seminars? Come get a demonstration of some of the new features v2018 has to offer. This session will feature: Status Display, Modeling, connections, Custom Properties and much more.

Revit Imports Using SDS/2 Connect (Room 2)
Make sure you are getting the best import results from your Revit model using SDS/2 Connect. This session will demonstrate the pros and cons of BIM imports, and discuss why SDS/2 Connect is the superior solution for importing from Revit.

Checking Hip and Valley Using Calculations (Room 3)
This session will cover the supplement checking of hip and valley type construction using calculations. Case studies will demonstrate methods to help ensure model and shop drawing accuracy.


Partner Pavilion

Partner Sessions

MDM Module: Modeling and Detailing Management (Room 1)

Potential of Detailing Template Services (Room 2)

Breakout Sessions

Fortosi: Load Planning Solution (Room 1)
A new software is on the market that will allow you to import an IFC file and plan out your truck loads. This session will demonstrate how this software works with importing an IFC model from SDS/2 and then providing 2D layout plans.

Making the Most of Custom Members and Components (Room 2)
Custom members have become a popular method of adding members that aren’t columns, beams, or braces. Come see real examples of different ways custom members and components are being used in building a model.

Making Two Models Into One (Room 3)
Due to job size, projects may require being split between teams in order to increase productivity. This session will go over best practices for combining two models and what pitfalls to avoid.

Breakout Sessions

Connections, Part 1: Setup (Room 1)
Making sure that a project has the correct setup from the beginning is crucial. This session will cover those important areas in setup to make sure your connections are designed as needed.

Live Q&A Forum (Room 2)
This session will allow users to bring their questions or situations to a panel of advanced users for answers. Each user will be given the opportunity to present one question to the board.

Estimodeling: Model-Based Estimating (Room 3)
What is Estimodeling and its workflow? This session will cover what Estimodeling really means, the benefits of model-based estimating and what advantages SDS/2 has over the competition.

SDS/2 Reception & Dinner

Friday, Sept. 21
8:00 - 9:20

9:30 - 10:50

11:00 - 12:20


Breakout Sessions

SDS/2 v2018: New Features, Part 2 (Room 1)
Not able to attend the v2018 Seminars? Come get a demonstration of some of the new features v2018 has to offer. This session will feature: Drawing Editor tools, user-modified Bill of Material, field welds on erection views, user-adjusted layers, and much more.

Why SDS/2? (Room 2)
This session will run through struggles encountered with engineers and fabricators not wanting to use SDS2 on a project and how to overcome those obstacles.

Embeds, Concrete and Rebar (Room 3)
This session will discuss all the tools that are included with SDS/2 for adding embeds into your structure. After taking a look at embeds, other concrete member types and the rebar associated with those will be covered.

Breakout Sessions

Climbing to New Heights with Stairs and Handrails (Room 1)
This session will demonstrate how to add a single stair and handrail using the new tools in SDS/2 v2018. After mastering the single stair, you will then learn how to add a stair tower, including landings and different types of handrails.

Connecting SDS/2 with the Field (Room 2)
This session will cover how the SDS/2 model is being utilized for the benefit of the erector.

CNC: DSTV and Pipe Bending (Room 3)
This session will go through the different options associated with the DSTV format and how they can affect your CNC output.

Breakout Sessions

Connections, Part 2: Application (Room 1)
In this session, learn how to apply the new connection optimization feature to a project and save money. Case study documentation will be provided. Also learn how to handle moment connections and other complicated connections in SDS/2.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Computing (Room 2)
This session will explain the advantages and benefits of cloud-based computing by running the audience through a workflow, along with the outcome.

Highlighting Forgotten Features (Room 3)
This session will focus on basic features that you may not know exist, and how to utilize them. We will also discuss several new features that are included in v2018.

Conference Adjournment