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SDS2 Load Planning - 3D Load Map

The 3D Load Planning Software for Steel Fabricators

Discover your next competitive advantage in SDS2 Load Planning, the industry's first 3D load planning solution. 


Now you can take your building model further and tranform any IFC 2x3 file into a balanced and optimize loading map for your loaders in the yard to follow. 


Here's a few of the ways SDS2 Load Planning is helping our customers achieve top efficiency in their shops:

  • Reduced loading times up to 50%
  • Reduced number of loads per project
  • Easier and faster training for new loaders
  • Increased shop safety
  • Better shop routing and planning for erector or customer expectation

Try it for yourself today and discover new savings for your shop! 

Getting Started 

Check out these resources to learn more about SDS2 Load Planning:


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