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Fulton State Hospital

Fulton State Hospital in Fulton, Missouri

With the existing Fulton State Hospital in Fulton, Missouri, in disrepair, the State of Missouri constructed a new, state-of-the-art mental hospital to replace the aging structure originally built in 1851.

The $211-million, 423,000-square-foot hospital — which opened in 2019 — includes six living units and an administration building.

DGS Technical Services of Elgin, Illinois, detailed the 1,800-ton structure, which included members in dual slope (both slope and skew) in the winged living units. Connections proved critical due to the slope and skew bearing on CMU walls.

The project also featured curved grids and required significant coordination with masonry. 

Click here to see a video of the project.

The Fulton State Hospital project received second place in the Commercial, Large Tonnage category in the 2019 SDS/2 Solid Steel Competition.