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SDS/2 Estimodeling Featured as Modern Steel Construction 2020 Hot Product

You may know how powerful SDS/2’s intelligent connection design is for steel detailers, but SDS/2 Detailing isn’t the only software solution we have on the market that’s paving the way for automation, accuracy, and efficiency in the industry.  

In this month’s issue of Modern Steel Construction, you’ll see SDS/2 Estimodeling, another one of our great software solutions, featured as a 2020 Hot Product.


What Makes SDS/2 Estimodeling 'Hot'

SDS/2 Estimodeling is the only structural steel estimating software on the market today with built-in connection optimization. Powered by the intelligence of our all-in-one 3D steel detailing with automated connection design, it allows you to generate fast and accurate model-based estimates without relying on tables or third-party software.  




But ‘fast and accurate’ is only the beginning. If you take advantage of all the software has to offer, you can gain a true competitive advantage.  

Here are a few examples of powerful ways you can use SDS/2 Estimodeling: 

  • Tailor estimates to your shop standards 
  • Identify expensive fabrication conditions 
  • Quickly compare alternative designs for cost-optimized fabrication 
  • Spot check model costs 
  • Pre-identify RFIs 
  • Import design models 
  • Get a jumpstart on project detailing 
  • Use the 3D model as a sales presentation tool to help win projects 

SDS/2 customer Drake Williams Steel has been transitioning to an SDS/2 Estimodeling workflow and is already seeing the benefits in providing their customers more complete pictures of the budget and tonnage of a project and getting more bids out the door.  

“It saves us 30 – 40 percent on time when we use the model and create material lists,” said Derrick Fitton, Director of Operations for Drake Williams Steel – Structural Division.

See for yourself how SDS/2 Estimodeling can transform your bidding process and win you more projects. Schedule a demo with SDS/2 today >>  


Online training and certification is now available for SDS/2 Estimodeling. The course covers all the skills, tools, and workflows involved in model-based estimating with SDS/2. Learn basic modeling concepts, connection setup and automation, and more, all at your own pace. Start learning today >>




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