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Students & Educators

Students & Educators

SDS/2 Education Community

Learn how you can join a community of educators teaching SDS/2 to the next generation of engineers, detailers and fabricators. With a free educational version that you can include in curriculums, SDS/2 is committed to doing our part to build the future. 


Supporting Success in Education

SDS/2 always has an eye on the next generation of engineers, detailers and industry experts. Knowing that SDS/2 can help educate and challenge future workers and leaders in the steel industry, the company aggressively campaigns to equip institutions of higher learning with copies of SDS/2 software and access to our full scope of training and support.


Many colleges and universities now use the SDS/2 system as part of their curriculum. With hands-on SDS/2 experience, students graduate with an edge in the competitive structural steel detailing and engineering market.


To find out more about the SDS/2 in Education program complete the form at the right and a representative from our team will be in touch.

"My students are obtaining a job skill that contributes to a great start for students considering structural engineering at the next level." - Bill Brown, Architecture Teacher, Santiago High School, Corona, CA

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To find out more about the SDS/2 Education program, contact us.

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Supporting Success in Education