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DETAILER American Steel Detailing, LLC
LOCATION Brooklyn, New York
SECOND PLACE Commercial, Large Tonnage

Bobover Yeshiva Bnie Zion

Massive and complex connections were the highlight of the Bobover Yeshiva Bnie Zion rabbinical college in Brooklyn, New York, detailed by American Steel Detailing, LLC. Much of the challenge stemmed from the structure’s cellar level, with varying floor slab elevations and many skewed, axial-loaded beams framing into columns at various angles. In places up to four beams framed into a single column node, and some connection nodes with moment plates and shear connections hosted upwards of 200 one-inch bolts.

The team at American Steel Detailing was surprised to find that the structural and architectural drawings weren’t initially done in 3D, but throughout the project they used their 3D SDS2 model to collaborate with the design team, especially when it came to the uneven cellar floor.