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Structural Engineer

#1 in Connection Design for Structural Steel Fabrication

Efficient connection design should extend beyond design documents into the shop and field. SDS/2 is the only software that automatically ensures that connections designed in the model acount for fabrication standards, material optimization and erectibility.

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Smart Connection Design

Connection design considers framing conditions and erectability, automatically performing clash prevention. 

Value Engineering

SDS/2 Detailing value engineers connections on a project, designing the most economical connections to fabricate and erect.  

Shorten Timelines

Connection design is automatic and more accurate than schedules allowing for faster project turnaround.

Increase Accuracy with Smart Connection Design

As the detailer inputs members, like columns and beams, connections are automatically designed with their necessary materials, bolts, holes and welds. SDS/2 Detailing takes a uniquely intelligent approach in its connection design by considering framing conditions and erectibility, automatically performing clash prevention as a part of its connection design. No other 3D steel detailing product can do this automatically. 

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Predict Project Outcomes with Valued Engineering

The biggest design savings isn't found through smaller section sizes, but rather in connections that are efficient to fabricate and even erect. SDS/2 makes it simple to easily design connections that include fabrication efficient materials and ensure erectability on the site, all while providing calculations to validate the design. Say goodbye to the expenses of 3rd party connection design software, SDS/2 does it all. 

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Accelerate Design Process and Improve Project Accuracy

Engineers reviewing smart connections designed by SDS/2, rather than dictating connection schedules that add RFIs and costs to the project, find that schedules are easier to meet if not beat. From detailing to fabrication to erection, SDS/2's smart connection design is built to create efficient, constructable models. 


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