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SDS/2 Fortosi

SDS/2 Fortosi

3D Truck Loading

SDS/2 introduces the new 3D truck loading solution that helps to efficiently plan loading and transportation of material. With SDS/2 Fortosi the power is within reach to reduce the material handling costs and safety concerns that come along with loading fabricated steel for shipment. Perfectly balanced loads and clear, concise loading instructions are the results of early load planning with SDS/2 Fortosi. Don't miss out on the newest competitive advantage for fabricators.

Minimize Material Handling

A fabricator's #1 cost is material handling. SDS/2 Fortosi cuts unnecessary material handling in half by providing a plan.

Reduced Loading Time

More than simply fitting members by weight, SDS/2 Fortosi nests members on the truck, thereby optimizing and streamlining the load

Increased Safety

By reducing steel movement and its associated risk — one load done right the first time — Fortosi increases workplace safety.

Increase Safety and Reduce Material Handling

SDS/2 Fortosi is the cutting edge technology that works with IFC fabrication models to assemble loaded trailers in a 3D virtual environment, thereby reducing shop handling, speculation and safety risks, while creating a plan to load trucks in less time. 

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Streamline Delivery and Improve Material Handling

SDS/2 Fortosi produces a clear set of instructions, making it possible to handle each material only once as it is placed correctly the first time. Forget about load balance adjustments—SDS/2 Fortosi analyzes center of gravity as loads are created. Not only does this reduce the risk of a material handling incident, but it has also proven to reduce the time wasted at shop-floor guesswork by more than half.

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Accelerate Load Time With 3D Virtual Trailer Loading

In addition to time savings and risk mitigation benefits, SDS/2 Fortosi also reduces material handling. The virtual loading environment provides an opportunity to review loads as a team to plan efficient fabrication and potentially cut down the number of loads to be shipped. It also provides an opportunity for training and mentoring the next generation working in the shop. 

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Learn how SDS/2 can help you accelerate project timelines, minimize material costs and improve project accuracy.  

Software Features

SDS/2 Fortosi Features

Easy to learn

Allows the user to build virtually in a safe environment in a natural way

IFC Export

Use IFC exports from the top brands such as Cadworks, SDS/2, Tekla, etc

Irregular Shape Loading

Handle any irregular shape, from steel to wood trusses—if it can be modeled, it can be loaded

Follows Input Restrictions

Instant feedback on set restrictions such as; weight excessive widths or heights

Real Time Center of Gravity

Can visually see whether the load on the trailer is balanced in all directions

Clash Detection

Configure trailers to allow pyramiding, overhangs and more

Revision Control

Complete feedback on how an updated model will affect your loaded trailers

Lacing & Nesting Capabilities

Able to place a loadable directly on another loadable

Auto Placing Capabilities

Using auto-place you can have Fortosi suggest a placement for your loadable