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SDS/2 Onboarding

On-boarding Services

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SDS/2 Onboarding is a service designed to accelerate the startup of SDS/2 for new users. Dedicated support representatives gather the right information to customize SDS/2 for the most efficient output for each and every shop. 

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Reduce Startup Time

Startup on SDS/2 sooner with assistance from a dedicated support rep to customize SDS/2 for specific shop requirements. 


The strength of SDS/2 setup ensures detailing automation customized to the shop right out of the gates.

Let Us Do the Work

We do the work to deliver a project set-up ready with shop-specific requirements.

Customized Onboarding to Maximize Productivity

SDS/2 onboarding service assists in customizing the SDS/2 setup options to maximize efficiency of steel fabrication from shop drawing automation to integration with MIS software and automated shop equipment. Combined with free Basic Training hosted in Lincoln, Nebraska, SDS/2 onboarding helps you be productive sooner. 

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Hit the Ground Running With Our World-Class Training

SDS/2 Onboarding accelerates the start up of SDS/2 for new customers because we do the work of delivering setup based on customer-specific shop preferences. Answer a few questions about your shop's fabrication methods and preferences and our team will customize SDS/2 setup to match. 

The Tools You Need to Take Your Career to the Next Level

New SDS/2 customers that have utilized onboarding services were able to focus more time on learning the software and detailing projects and start profiting from their investment sooner. 

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Learn how SDS/2 can help you accelerate project timelines, minimize material costs and improve project accuracy.