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SDS2 Site Planning


SDS2 Site Planning assists erectors in lift planning, crane placements and work package creation by leveraging the structural steel fabrication model. Erectors can generate center of mass reports along with lift reports for quality assurance documentation. 


Crane Placement and Reach

Erectors can locate their cranes around the steel model and choose exactly where the best location for placement will be.

Track and Record Progress

Through reporting and status tracking tools, daily progress can easily be recorded and future erection can be planned.

Keep Site on Schedule

The status of the job site can be electronically sent to general contractors to adapt project schedules.

SDS2 Site Planning gives you the power to...

Plan and manage steel erection more efficiently

The logistics of placing cranes for the optimal reach with relation to real-world obstructions and critical lifts is complex at best. Crane rentals, laydown areas, erection sequences and fabrication sequences all depend on good site planning. SDS2 helps visualize cranes with relation to a model containing realistic, constructable connections and weights–important factors for crane placement.

Streamline communication with project stakeholders.

SDS2 Site Planning contains all the information about the steel that's arriving on site, so it only makes sense to assemble work packages from the same data source. Field bolt reports, 3D PDFs, and status updates that reflect construction progress ennable effective communication flows between everyone involved, from crew to foreman to superintendent.

SDS/2 Erector

Choose the correct equipment for each load scenario.

SDS2 Site Planning places tower, crawler and truck cranes in the steel fabrication model to enable prompt, yet accurate lift calculations. For streamlined construction methods, such as modular construction, it is simple to document lift calculations for quality assurance procedures. Additional options for pick lists, critical and failed lift reports all aid in the documentation process. 


See how SDS2 Site Planning can power up your construction projects.  


SDS2 Site Planning Features

Center of Mass

Quickly calculate center of mass for a single member or an assembled lift 

Lift Types

Lift calculations for real job site situations—single lifts, modular or assembled lifts and picks are all supported 


Create work packages that include portions of the model for quick reference in the field. 

PDF Overlay

Trace design drawings to quickly input 3D models during the bid phase 

Crane Placement Drawings

Locate crane placements and laydown areas in the 3D model to create crane placement drawings 

Status & Status Display

Update the status of the model to track erection progress and colorize your model accordingly.

Smart Cranes

Calculates liftable members based on the crane’s specs for immediate feedback.

Lift Calculations

Quickly generate lift calculations and documentation needed for AISC Erector Certification 


Heaviest member, pick lists, critical lifts, field bolts point-to-point reports and helps your team be safer and more efficient 

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