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Steel Detailer

Steel Detailer

Cut Detailing Time in Half

On average detailers that choose SDS/2 see their productivity double when replacing their less automated steel detailing solutions. With time savings like that, you can meet compressed schedules with less manpower, take on bigger projects, or finally take that vacation.  

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Reduce Drawing Time

Every automation tool inside SDS/2 Detailing works together to save you time from modeling, to connections, to drawing cleanup.  

Constructable Models

With SDS/2, if it fits in the model, it fits in the field. Our unique erectibility checks make sure that your savings extend all the way to the field.  

Multi-User Environment

Your whole team works live in the model simultaneously, there’s no need to check the model in or out.  

Increase Profitability and Accelerate Project Timelines

SDS/2 Detailing was built for detailers by a detailer. Detailing and fabrication knowledge is built into every feature ensuring that SDS/2 Detailing provides the ultimate effciency boost to users. From intelligent automated connection design to automated piecemarking control the attention to detail adds up to the only 3D steel detailing solution that intelligently automates the shop drawing workflow.

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Now You Can Do More With the Hours You Work

The value of intelligent automation in SDS/2 Detailing helps detailers do more in less time. The average steel detailer using SDS/2 Detailing will detail approximately 40 tons of steel per week. For large detailing groups to single detailers, with SDS/2 companies can produce more shop drawings with a higher level of efficiency than detailers using less automated steel detailing tools. 

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Designed Specifically to Meet Fabricators Needs

In a fabrication shop, 90% of the work involved in steel fabrication is cutting, drlling and welding for the steel connections. Considering that fact, it's hard to imagine choosing a steel detailing software that does not focus on taking the work out of connection design and modeling. SDS/2 Detailing is the only steel detailing software that automates connection design for constructable fabrication models.


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Learn how SDS/2 can help you accelerate project timelines, minimize material costs and improve project accuracy.  

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