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Steel Fabricator

Steel Fabricator

Designed Specifically to Meet Fabricators Needs

Over 90% of the work in steel fabrication is cutting, drilling and welding for the steel connections. Fabricators need a steel detailing solution that focuses on automating their most time-consuming processes, from connection automation and optimization to reduced material handling time and costs. SDS/2 offers solutions at every point to help fabricators boost efficiency. 

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Complete Fabrication Management

SDS/2 Detailing has industry-wide compatability with MIS systems as well as automated shop equipment. 

Fabrication Optimization

Optimize the model, connections and shop drawings to be designed based on your fabrication preferences.

Unmatched Drawing Quality

Automatically generates details, submaterial drawings and erection drawings with unmatched drawing quality. 

Automated Connections Designed for Constructable Models

As the detailer inputs members, like columns and beams, connections are automatically designed with their necessary materials, bolts, holes and welds. Through fabricator preferences SDS/2 customizes how connections are designed to ensure that at a fabrication level, steel flows seamlessly through the shop. SDS/2 is the only 3D steel detailing software that can do this automatically.

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Cut Detailing Time in half With Custom Templates

Details and submaterial and erection drawings are automatically generated by SDS/2 Detailing, whose unmatched drawing quality saves more time on shop drawings. Fabricators can take drawing automation to the next level with detailing template to reduce drawing cleanup by 60% or more. Even better, detailing templates can be shared with subcontract detailers to maintain consistency for the shop.


Accelerate the Design Process With Live Mutli-User Environment

The days of "whoever saves last wins" are over. With SDS/2, everyone works in the live model simultaneously; there's no need to check the model in in and out or wait for inconvenient cool-down periods. Meeting accelerated schedules is more easily acheived when the entire detailing team is working with real-time model updates.


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