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Steel Erectors

Plan for maximum efficiency.

Get powerful tools to power up your field work, from creating work packages for your crew or checking crane reach in the model. SDS2 Site Planning helps maximize the data contained within the as-fabricated Building Information Model. 


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Stay on schedule.

SDS2 Site Planning helps you utilize the steel fabrication model to put the right information in the hands of your crew. Erection sequences can be broken down into reports for field bolts, lift packages and more to help your whole team maintain project plans and stay on schedule. 

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Quality assurance made simple.

Make informed choices and keep your worksite safe with the help of 3D data visualization. 

  • Identify critical lifts
  • Identify center of mass for single parts or assembled lifts
  • Create clear documentation


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Two steel workers looking at crane on steel erection site
3D model with crane placement

Visualize crane placement.

Eliminate guesswork on your site by visualizing your plan within a 3D model. Place cranes with the exact specifications in the as-fabricated model environment and run liftability checks, crane path checks, and erection sequencing, so you can plan with confidence.


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See how SDS2 can accelerate project timelines, reduce errors,
and improve project accuracy.  

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