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Let us handle the connections.

AI-driven steel connection design from SDS2 gives you fabrication-efficient connections with automatic clash detection—and they're all fully validated with expanded design calculations.

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Accelerate project timelines.

SDS2 is faster and more accurate than standard connection schedules, allowing for a much quicker turnaround time on projects. 

  • Automatically design complex connections that will satisfy fabricators and erectors. 
  • Optimize project costs with value engineering. 
  • Get complete-node analysis with automatic adjustments for clash detection. 

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Lower project costs with smarter designs.

The biggest design savings aren't found through smaller section sizes, but rather in connections that are efficient to fabricate and erect. SDS2 is the only connection design software that delivers a 360-degree analysis of framing conditions and automatically adjusts for potential issues with fabrication and erection, which leads to lower project costs and fewer RFIs. 

  • Structural integrity
  • Constructability
  • Erectability
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Enhance collaboration.

Standard connection schedules add RFIs and costs to the project. With SDS2 you can go beyond schedules to real-world steel intelligence that satisfies fabricators and erectors and use a 3D model as your collaborative database. SDS2 Cloud even lets you see design changes from collaborators, handle RFIs, and approve changes live in the model. 

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See how SDS2 can accelerate project timelines, reduce errors,
and improve project accuracy.  

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