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Buy Yourself More Time with Automated Connection Design

SDS/2 is the most intelligent and automated—in short, the best—steel connection design software on the market today. 

But what makes our software intelligent? How does our automation work? And, most importantly, what does that mean for you? Because that’s what really matters here—your user experience, your results, and your decision. 


10 Steel Detailing Tools in SDS/2 You Didn’t Know You Were Missing
Introducing the SDS/2 Toolbox, where you can quickly find and install the latest tools and partner integrations to elevate your detailing productivity.
The Steel Detailing Process: A Central Link in Project Workflows
What do steel detailers do? Structural steel detailers produce drawings that fabricators use in the manufacture and construction of steel structures. They provide a critical link between design and reality in the lifecycle of a construction project.
5 New Detailing Tools in SDS/2 2020 to Boost Your Productivity
At SDS/2 we are continuously learning from our customers and developing new tools and features to help you succeed. The SDS/2 2020 update introduced several new tools to improve your user experience, boost your productivity, and reduce the potential for errors in your workflow.