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The career crisis in construction, the talent shortage, the skilled labor shortage—whatever you call it, the talk is everywhere. Steel detailers and fabricators—as well as positions across the entire construction pipeline—are in short supply. 

Subscription plans are everywhere, but are they right for everyone? We break down the pros and cons of perpetual and subscription licensing plans for BIM software solutions.

When 2020 drew to a close, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief—but 2021 brought much of the same as the COVID-19 pandemic kept coming in waves. Now, as the new year approaches and the COVID threat continues to evolve, we’re taking a look back at how steel detailers and fabricators have weathered the challenges of the last few years and seeing what they’re looking forward to in 2022.   


Integrating your 3D model with various fabrication software systems greatly increases the value of your 3D model. Fortunately, at SDS2 we recognize this value and have strong relationships with the industry’s top fabrication software providers, like Tekla PowerFab.


The value of your 3D steel model expands exponentially when paired with other software systems in the fabrication process. That’s why SDS2 continues to build partnerships with the industry’s top players around the globe, including fabrication management leader STRUMIS LTD.  

STRUMIS is a global leader in fabrication management information software, with over 30 years in business and customers in 50 countries.   

To help you get the most out of your model data and time, SDS2 is building partnerships with steel industry leaders from around the world. 

Here we are highlighting Steel Projects, a software partner that specializes in real-time shop management, optimizing the link between the detailing office and the shop floor. 

In the steel construction industry, web-based solutions like SDS2 Cloud (formerly SDS2 Edge) are powering growth and collaboration among detailing teams and between stakeholders.
With SDS2 for Education, students, educators, and qualified educational institutions can secure free licenses for our 3D steel detailing software, which leads the world in automated intelligence and steel connection design. 

You may know how powerful SDS/2’s intelligent connection design is for steel detailers, but SDS/2 Detailing isn’t the only software solution we have on the market that’s paving the way for automation, accuracy, and efficiency in the industry.  

Adaptability and digitalization were major talking points in the steel industry even before the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has accelerated the conversation for many, introducing new dimensions of uncertainty to ongoing challenges—addressing labor shortages, for example, and preparing next generation talent.


Online SDS2 Training & Certification

Investing in new skill development is one way to increase versatility for future growth—and that’s true whether we’re in a time of crisis or stability.